Tuesday, September 22, 2015

more of new digital publishing opportunities

In a past post on new developments in publishing we discussed a new Amazon company called Kindle Scout.  Unlike a previous Amazon business plan to acquire books for its Kindle unit, where the only income received by an author is through royalties, the new program offers an advance and a 5-year contract for rights to a digital version of an author's book.  The advance is $1500, and a 5 yr. contract provides that all rights may revert to the author on request if royalties are less than $25,000 during the contract period.

It's not a huge amount compared to what one might get from a legacy publisher, if one could get through their lengthy gatekeeper hurdles, but Kindle Scout appears to promise a lot of marketing for a new author's book.  An author might not be intrigued much by the financial aspects, but their new book should have a far better chance at reaching more readers with the Kindle Scout program than existed before.  If Amazon has an investment in the game, as they do here, they will probably work much harder on marketing the book.  Any new author might do well to seriously consider this new contracting arrangement.

The process of winning a contract involves an online, public nominating period, whereby Kindle Scout will introduce your book to readers who visit their website, and gives them a chance to read your submitted book description, several sample chapters, and your author's bio.  If a book appeals to a reader, they have the opportunity to click on a 'nominate' button.  If Kindle Scout finds there's enough nominating interest for any book over a 30 day listing period, they will then offer the author a publication contract.  Readers who nominate any book on the site are notified if and when their nominated book has been selected for publication, and will receive a free copy of the book.  It's both a little incentive to get them to click on a book, and the beginning of a marketing effort.

The image at the top of this post is the cover of a new book I submitted to Kindle Scout.  The link to the book's campaign site where one can check out the details of the book and nominate it if they choose is at:


It's still important for the author to invite friends and associates, through email, and blogs, to be aware of his book campaign so that they might have a chance to nominate his book.  

I invite your comments--click on the comments link at the end of this post--and  also hope you will visit the link given above to visit the Kindle Scout page, and perhaps nominate the book if it appeals to you.  

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