Friday, April 30, 2010

portrait of a novel

We don't often engage two models for our life drawing sessions, but this time we invited the mother of a young woman to accompany the daughter.  Being a confident, attractive woman herself, the mother accepted our invitation.  Her presence, and poise, coupled with her daughter's elan, seemed to add elements of mood, atmosphere, and creative tension to the setting. 

While viewing this unfinished portrait--watercolor on Tyvek (a semi-glossy film)--my internal fiction writer glossed over thematic material that might inspire a related short story: 1) Each were aware they may have the same lover, and seized on the modeling session to gain intuition over what to do next; or 2) The daughter had been given up for adoption as an infant and believed she had traced her mother--or had she? or 3) The girl had learned her mother was thinking of leaving her husband, the girl's father, and their mood is communicated by body and words.

The art seemed to lend itself as a springboard into some intriguing fiction themes.  To be revisited.
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