Sunday, April 12, 2009

to write, or sketchcrawl?

After a few short story rejections over the past months I feel a need to recharge my inner battery, so I have spent more time on art, including drawing, outdoor sketching and life drawing sessions at the art center, and watercolor painting.  Sometimes art seems a little safer--if someone doesn't care for the picture I'm working on, well, that's okay; I rarely ask an opinion.  The drawing or painting either works aesthetically for me, or it doesn't.  Writing involves a little more of the personal joys, sadness, triumphs, and failures that a writer brings out of his experience to the fiction work undertaken.  You don't necessarily know as much about me from my art as you might from my stories.  Just so, an editor's rejection can be hard to handle; is it a judgement on my inner workings, or just a matter of writing craft?  Okay, we all know that any writer that dares to submit their work will have these introspective periods, and just need to get over them.

A friend suggested I join her in an international fraternity of sketchers who every 3 months go on a one-day sketching odyssey in their area, and then post the results on the group's web page, at   The Sketchcrawl page downloads drawings from our blogs, so here's a few I completed for the 22nd Sketchcrawl, all from locales near my home on the northern California coast.  

First sketch: Point Arena Lighthouse; Second Sketch: Point Arena downtown.

Third photo: wharf at Point Arena; Fourth photo: pioneer's graveyard in Manchester.

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