Sunday, February 4, 2007

stephan king syndrome

Sort of a stunning walking experience two days ago. Reminded me of author Stephan King's awful experience walking along a highway in Maine, though it was much worse for him. I was on the last lap of my three-mile walk--a repeated one-mile loop of empty, paved roads in a little-used state park. I was on my last lap, heading home, when I heard a squeal of tires behind me and I moved to the side of the road. When I looked over my shoulder a red car was skidding right at me. I ran off the road and fell while trying to get up a low slope. I could see in slow motion the grill work and bumper headed for me as I lay on the grassy slope. The car jammed to a stop a couple feet away. I was looking eye-level through the windshield and a young woman seemed to be laughing, perhaps nervously, or perhaps she was stoned, sitting behind the wheel. Her passenger boyfriend just kept looking at her and wouldn't even look at me. I was pretty shaken; I got up, dusted off, and stalked away, down the road. They got the car started again and gave me a wide berth as they drove by. It was very eerie. Something like getting visited by a banshee, a female harbinger of the end. Or as my son put it, a bean sĂ­dhe (Irish, pronounced the same) must have been driving the car. Well, perhaps it will make good material to give verisimilitude to a strange sort of fictional story.

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Bruce Black said...

Thank goodness you were spared any injuries, besides a bruised psyche... and perhaps a few black-and-blue marks the next morning.

In Florida I have to keep an eye out for alligators on my morning walks... and who knows how (or when) they'll start showing up in my fiction... or when this particular incident will show up in yours.

(A literary aside: Why does placing a character or narrator in danger compel the reader to keep reading, I wonder? Food for thought.)

Walk safely, my friend... and keep writing!

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