Thursday, January 11, 2007

revision of old work

Finished re-reading and started revision of an old sci-fi novel I wrote perhaps fifteen years ago. It's the only sci-fi genre I've ever done. I wasn't too effective in getting it out to publishers--maybe two or three, and unsuccessfully--but that was the day of typewriters, and it was so hard to make revisions and still keep a clean copy. It's actually pleasurable now to revise and hone a Ms. on a computer. Anyhow, the plot and characters are pretty imaginative, and the Ms. is entitled "The Beryllium Eaters." It's set in Ecuador, where I worked once as a geotechnical engineer, and involves outer-space, bio-metallic creatures, who arrived at the time of the Inca conquests, and present-day people. I like the feeling of having another major writing project ahead of me for the winter months. Stay tuned.

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