Sunday, January 14, 2007


Motivation of the main character--this has slowed me to a degree in a current revision of my sci-fi novel. Of course, a motivation was already written into the plot, but it's so important to carry the reader along with a seamless, consistent understanding of the motivation of the character, or the writer may introduce a fatal interruption of the "fictional dream" (John Gardner, The Art of Fiction) for the reader. And everything may be lost. It's an especially nuanced task for sci-fi, where the extraordinary needs to be made believeable.

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Bruce Black said...

Came across an interesting note in the current issue of The Writer about motivation framed as a question: what's the character's goal?

If you can define the character's goal, perhaps the goal may help clarify the motivating force behind his (or her) desire to reach that goal.

Just an idea. Good luck with the blog!

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